Procedure for sending a complaint to Air Europa

How can I make a complaint?
You will find this information and the steps to follow on our web site at, under Passenger Guide > Customer Service, where you can select > Luggage Incidents or > Travel Incidents, depending on the reason for your complaint. In each section you will find the appropriate forms to use.

What information do I need to provide?
Both the Luggage and Travel Incident forms will ask you for the information that we need in order to help you and process your complaint. We recommend that you have your personal information and flight details on hand.

¿How long will it take for you to reply?
After we have received all the documentation and information that we need to process your complaint, you will receive a reply within a reasonable amount of time, during which we will analyse your case properly. The maximum delay for a reply from us is approximately 30 days.

Contact Information
The contact information for our different departments and international branches is available on our web site at, under Passenger Guide > Customer Service > Air Europa Contacts.

Thank you for placing your trust in Air Europa